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Kiss the Ground – Josh Tickell

Kiss the Ground – How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World [ebook free] by Josh Tickell

Discover the hidden power soil has to reverse climate change, and how a regenerative farming diet not only delivers us better health and wellness, but also rebuilds our most precious resource–the very ground that feeds us. The story of life in the soil teaches you how clean eating and supporting regenerative farming are recipes for a healthier life and a healthier world. Healing the soil is the path to healing ourselves and the planet.

Josh Tickell, one of America’s most celebrated documentary filmmakers and director of Fuel, has dedicated most of his life to saving the environment. Now, in Kiss the Ground, he explains an incredible truth: by changing our diets to a soil-nourishing, regenerative agriculture diet, we can reverse global warming, harvest healthy, abundant food, and eliminate the poisonous substances that are harming our children, pets, bodies, and ultimately our planet.

Through fascinating and accessible interviews with celebrity chefs, ranchers, farmers, and top scientists, this remarkable book, soon to be a full-length documentary film narrated by Woody Harrelson, will teach you how to become an agent in humanity’s single most important and time sensitive mission. Reverse climate change and effectively save the world–all through the choices you make in how and what to eat.

Editorial Reviews

“Kiss the Ground gives us the most practical solution to reversing climate change. The soil is a vital and untapped resource. A must read for anyone committed to healing our bodies and our Earth.” (Deepak Chopra )

“Through my life as a chef, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that we have to take care of our Earth, or it won’t be able to go on taking care of us. Every one of us—farmers and chefs, parents and children, business people and world leaders—must play a part in keeping our planet healthy so that it can go on keeping us healthy. That’s why I’m so happy to discover Kiss the Ground, which offers a fascinating, easy-to-follow blueprint for how eating in ways that nourish and regenerate the soil can not only help reverse global warming but also bring greater vitality to our lives. “ (Wolfgang Puck )

“Kiss the Ground is a powerful, provocative new look at how we can all participate in honoring Mother Earth. Our food is the source of our life and the soil is the source of our food. This book shows the simple steps each one of us can take to restore the health of our bodies and our planet.” (Woody Harrelson )

“Food, soil, even eating itself…all are fundamental issues in the effort to live a more enlightened life. Kiss the Ground both informs and inspires, as it connects biology and geography and species diversity to the yearnings of the human heart.” (Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author )

“Our food choices not only impact our personal health, but the health of the world we all live in. Kiss the Ground is the first book to connect our health to what is going on in the atmosphere. If you care about your kids, about the food you’re feeding them and about the future of the planet, you need to read this book.” (Vani Hari, New York Times bestselling author and creator of FoodBabe.com )

“Kiss the Ground paints a hopeful yet achievable picture of a way of growing food that makes our soil healthier, makes us healthier, and ultimately could make our climate healthier too. As somebody who’s thrown his hat into the new ‘regenerative movement’ I recommend this book to anyone wanting to heal themselves and our planet.” (Kimbal Musk, co-founder of The Kitchen )

“The book Kiss the Ground shines a beacon of light on the growing global ‘regenerative agriculture’ movement, illuminating a new path toward carbon sequestration and hopefully, a path toward a balanced climate. With clear, accessible language, wit and humor, this book gives readers powerful tools to overcome humanity’s greatest challenge.” (Terry Tannimen, CEO of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and former Secretary of the California EPA )

“Kiss the Ground re-imagines conventional wisdom and adds to our armory in our existential duty to slow and reverse climate change. We know that we must aggressively reduce our carbon footprint. But as we learn in this profound, timely, and important book, we can also pursue traditional solutions to harness the carbon already in our atmosphere—and replant it here on earth. A simple composting program and healthy soils can be a key weapon in saving our planet (from ourselves).” (Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California )

“Tickell entwines his explanation of the new agriculture in vivid reportage…[his] vision is captivating.” (Publishers Weekly)

“A journalist, activist, and filmmaker examines how soil-conscious farming practices may affect climate change…refreshingly, the narrative is richly visual.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Kiss the Ground takes the reader on an adventure… with an empowering section on concrete steps everyone can take to be a part of the solution.” (Permaculture Magazine North America)

About the Author

Josh Tickell is a journalist, activist, author, and award-winning film director whose movies (Fuel, The Big Fix, Pump, Good Fortune) have been shortlisted for Academy Awards, shown in the White House, won awards at the Sundance Film Festival, and have been viewed by over 50 million people worldwide. His first book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, jumpstarted the biodiesel movement and raised billions of dollars for the algae fuel industry.

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Kiss the Ground
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