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The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It by Eric Bolling

The Swamp ebook epub/pdf/prc/mobi/azw3

The Swamp ebook epub/pdf/prc/mobi/azw3

The Swamp – The Instant New York Times and USA Today Bestseller!

When Washington D.C. was first built, it was on top of a swamp that had to be drained. Donald Trump says it’s time to drain it again.

In The Swamp, bestselling author and Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling presents an infuriating, amusing, revealing, and outrageous history of American politics, past and present, Republican and Democrat. From national political scandals to tempests in a teapot that blew up; bribery, blackmail, bullying, and backroom deals that contradicted public policies; cronyism that cost taxpayers hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars; and personal conduct that can only be described as regrettable, The Swamp is a journey downriver through the bayous and marshes of Capitol Hill and Foggy Bottom.

The presidential election of 2016 was ugly, but it exposed a political, media, industry, and elite establishment that desperately wanted to elect a politician who received millions of dollars from terror-funding states over a businessman willing to tell the corrupt or incompetent, “You’re fired.”

The book concludes with a series of recommendations for President Trump: practical, hard-headed, and concise ways to drain the swamp and force Washington to be more transparent, more accountable, and more effective in how it serves those who have elected its politicians and pay the bills for their decisions.

Last year President Trump declared Wake Up America to be a “huge” book; Eric Bolling’s second book is sure to build on that success. Entertaining and timely, The Swamp is the perfect book for today’s political climate.

The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump…

The Swamp – Review By ProfessorF

Wow. This book was not what I was expecting. Usually political books push an author’s *opinion* on some topic, so you get a 200+ page, poorly-researched screed, followed by a sketchy opinion of how to fix things—not so with Eric Bolling’s “The Swamp”.

First off, I should say “The Swamp” refers to the collection of politicians in Washington DC (and state legislatures) who are more intent on serving their own interests and the interests of lobbyists, rather than serving the people who elected them. And the result of this corruption? These swamp creatures create policies and regulations that are costly, inefficient, and ineffective for the American people.

The question is how do you drain the swamp? And Eric Bolling has a great solution for President Trump.

But before we get to Bolling’s solution (and this is the part I wasn’t expecting) the first twelve chapters give you a history of The Swamp. We tend to think of the swamp as something recent. But Bolling shows that the swamp has been with us since the very beginning of the nation. Bolling starts off with Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick cover-up, then goes backwards and forwards in time—covering swamp creatures on both sides of the aisle.

And the level of historical detail is so engrossing. This is why it took me so long to review the book. I enjoyed the history lesson of the swamp in chapters 1-12, so I read it carefully and slowly. It reads like a mystery novel in places, and has so many details. I won’t spoil it for you, but as an example of the level of detail, read Chapter 3 on the Hamilton-Burr duel.

At the end of chapters 1-12, you are really angry about The Swamp, because you had no idea it was so pervasive and throughout history. You want a solution to draining it.

The final 3 chapters provide Eric Bolling’s solution (to President Trump) for draining the swamp. I’ll summarize, but you have to buy and read the book for the details. The main ones are:

1. Stick to business instincts, stay true to common sense principles that make businesses work.

2. Reduce the number of days congress is in session each year.

3. Limit terms.

4. Clamp down on the connection between lobbying and the White House.

5. Put America first, reduce involvement in entagling foreign alliance.

6. Deregulation <= really enjoyed this Chapter 14, the best I’ve read about the problems of deregulation.

7. Keep listening to the American Public

Chapter 14 was my favorite. Bolling gives a thorough defense on the need for deregulation. Too often The Left and The Media confuse the INTENT of a regulation with the CONSEQUENCE of a regulation. Eric Bolling shows the disastrous consequences of over-regulation on the economy and on innovation. A beautifully done chapter.

If I had to give Eric Bolling a grade on The Swamp, it would be an A+!

About the Author

Eric Bolling is the author of Wake Up America, a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller. Bolling is one of the leading stars on the Fox News Channel who hosts some of the most popular shows on the network. Before joining Fox, Bolling was a successful New York Mercantile Exchange trader for many years. A native of Chicago, he is married with one son and lives in New Jersey.

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The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It
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