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Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ebook epub/pdf/prc/mobi/azw3 download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Download Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ebook. Herland is a utopian novel from 1915, written by feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The book describes an isolated society composed entirely of women, who reproduce via parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction). The result is an ideal social order: free of war, conflict, and domination. It was first published in monthly installments as a serial in 1915 in The Forerunner, a magazine edited and written by Gilman between 1909 and 1916, with its sequel, With Her in Ourland beginning immediately thereafter in the January 1916 issue. The book is often considered to be the middle volume in her utopian trilogy; preceded by Moving the Mountain (1911), and followed by, With Her in Ourland (1916). It was not published in book form until 1979.

Editorial Reviews

Of course one has to have a moment of suspension of belief to accept the concept of their motherhood in a society without men, but what a great work on how men view women, their supposed adoration for the ‘weaker’ sex, yet at the same time, their disgust for the very ideal of women they created. Would a society of only women evolve into a near perfect civilization which strives together for the benefit of the whole, that evolve so they think in terms of ‘we’ instead of ‘I’? A national identity so intuned, so benevolent that every thought of every person was the advancement of every generation to reach a higher ‘goodness’. The creation of a perfect culture which has conquered almost every problem faced by modern society, would a community of women separated from any contact with men be able to create that…interesting concept and fascinating reading when put in a fictional story of three men, one a macho blockhead, another a soft idealist and finally the anthropologist who stands as the man in the middle. How would these three very different men survive in such an accomplished society? Great story. Word of warning, there is an abrupt ending, leading of course into a sequel, so prepare oneself for that. Also, it is helpful to remember this was written by a woman who died in the 1930s. Society was indeed different then than now, but surprisingly not as much as one would think.

Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ebook pdf, epub, mobi, prc

About the Author

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (/ˈɡɪlmən/); also Charlotte Perkins Stetson (July 3, 1860 – August 17, 1935), was a prominent American feminist, sociologist, novelist, writer of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction, and a lecturer for social reform. She was a utopian feminist and served as a role model for future generations of feminists because of her unorthodox concepts and lifestyle. Her best remembered work today is her semi-autobiographical short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” which she wrote after a severe bout of postpartum psychosis.

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Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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