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The Flight of Georgiana ebook epub/pdf/prc/mobi/azw3 download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Robert Neilson Stephens

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The Flight of Georgiana by Robert Neilson Stephens

Download The Flight of Georgiana ebook. A little before noon one gray day in September, 1746, a well-made young fellow, in appearance and fact a gentleman’s servant, rode up the High Street of a town in the North of England, and through the passageway of an inn to the yard. Having entrusted his sorrel nag to an ostler, he hastened to the kitchen, and proceeded to give orders to the landlady with an absence of deference which plainly showed that he spoke not for himself but for his master.

There are still a few English inns not unlike those of that time. This particular house was of dull red brick, its main part extending along the street and pierced in the middle by the passageway which led back to the yard. In the front, the ground floor had four wide windows, and these were matched by four above, while a fifth was over the passage entrance. The small panes and stone facings of the windows gave the inn that look of comfort so characteristic of eighteenth-century houses, and this was increased by the small dormer casements in the sloping roof. The passage itself, paved with stones worn comparatively smooth, was capacious enough to admit a stage-coach or a carrier’s covered wagon. As you entered it, you saw the yard beyond, which was bounded by a wing of the main building and by stables, sheds, and sundry out-houses. Half-way through this passage, you found at your left hand a door, which opened to a public parlour, wherein meals were served at a common table to stage-coach passengers and other outside guests. At the right-hand side of the passage was a wider doorway, giving access to a small entry, from which you might step forward into the kitchen, or rightward into the bar, or leftward to a narrow stairway that wound steeply to the floor above.

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The Flight of Georgiana ebook pdf, epub, mobi, prc

About the Author

Robert Neilson Stephens (July 22, 1867 – January 20, 1906) was an American novelist and playwright. An Enemy to the King, both a play and a novel, was one of his best known works. An Enemy to the King was also adapted for the cinema under the same title, An Enemy to the King, in 1916.

Stephens was born in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1867 to James Andrew and Rebecca (Neilson) Stephens. His father died when he was 9, and his mother then became a teacher. He graduated from the high school in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, then going on to employment at a printing office, followed by a book store and railroad office, until he was hired by the Philadelphia Press in December 1886. He was drama editor of that paper until 1893, and by that time had also published short stories in magazines.[1] He subsequently became a theatrical agent in New York City and began writing plays. His first play, On the Bowery, featured famous bridge jumper Steve Brodie. On the Bowery and his other early plays were intended for popular consumption, not critical acclaim, in the hope he could produce more serious pieces in the future.[2]

Stephens married Maude Helfenstein in 1889.[3] Long in ill health,[4] Stephens went to England in 1899, and died in Bournemouth, England, on January 20, 1906

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The Flight of Georgiana
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