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Interchange Intro Student’s Book with DVD-ROM Fourth Edition download book and DVD-ROM. Cambridge University Press; 4 edition (June 29, 2012)

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Interchange Intro Student’s Book with Self-study DVD-ROM (Interchange Fourth Edition)

Interchange Fourth Edition is a fully revised edition of Interchange, the world’s most successful series for adult and young-adult learners of North American English. The course has been revised to reflect the most recent approaches to language teaching and learning. It remains the innovative series teachers and students have grown to love, while incorporating suggestions from teachers and students all over the world. This edition offers updated content in every unit, grammar practice, and opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills. Interchange Fourth Edition features contemporary topics and a strong focus on both accuracy and fluency. Its successful multi-skills syllabus integrates themes, grammar, functions, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The underlying philosophy of the course remains that language is best learned when it’s used for meaningful communication.

Student’s Book, Intro is the introductory level of the Interchange Fourth Edition series and is designed for beginning students needing a thorough presentation of basic functions, grammar structures, and vocabulary. Intro is based on the principle that low-level learning does not equal low-level thinking. The Student’s Book contains 16 teaching units, progress checks, additional Interchange activities, and a Grammar Plus section that provides additional grammar explanations and practice. Included is a Self-study DVD-ROM that provides the full class video and extra practice with vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, and reading.


Interchange Fourth Edition Intro

– Interchange Intro-Audio

– Interchange Intro-SB

– Interchange Intro-SelfStudy DVD

– Interchange Intro-TB

– Interchange Intro-TB-Audio

– Interchange Intro-TB-Software

– Interchange Intro-WB

Interchange Fourth Edition Level 1

– Interchange 1-Audio

– Interchange 1-SB

– Interchange 1-SelfStudy DVD

– Interchange 1-TB

– Interchange 1-TB-Audio

– Interchange 1-TB-Software

– Interchange 1-WB

Interchange Fourth Edition Level 2

– Interchange 2-Audio

– Interchange 2-SB

– Interchange 2-SelfStudy DVD

– Interchange 2-TB

– Interchange 2-TB-Audio

– Interchange 2-TB-Software

– Interchange 2-WB

Interchange Fourth Edition Level 3

– Interchange 3-Audio

– Interchange 3-SB

– Interchange 3-SelfStudy DVD

– Interchange 3-WB

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Interchange Intro Student’s Book with DVD-ROM Fourth Edition
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