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The Innocents Abroad ebook epub/pdf/prc/mobi/azw3 download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Mark Twain

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The Innocents Abroad – Mark Twain

Download The Innocents Abroad ebook. The Innocents Abroad, or The New Pilgrims’ Progress is a travel book by American author Mark Twain published in 1869 which humorously chronicles what Twain called his “Great Pleasure Excursion” on board the chartered vessel Quaker City (formerly USS Quaker City) through Europe and the Holy Land with a group of American travelers in 1867. It was the best-selling of Twain’s works during his lifetime,[2] as well as one of the best-selling travel books of all time.

Innocents Abroad presents itself as an ordinary travel book based on an actual voyage in a retired Civil War ship (the USS Quaker City). The excursion was billed as a Holy Land expedition, with numerous stops and side trips along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, notably:

train excursion from Marseille to Paris for the 1867 Paris Exhibition during the reign of Napoleon III and the Second French Empire

journey through the Papal States to Rome

side trip through the Black Sea to Odessa

culminating in an excursion through the Holy Land

Twain recorded his observations and critiques of the various aspects of culture and society which he encountered on the journey, some more serious than others. Many of his observations draw a contrast between his own experiences and the often grandiose accounts in contemporary travelogues, which were regarded in their own time as indispensable aids for traveling in the region. In particular, he lampooned William Cowper Prime’s Tent Life in the Holy Land for its overly sentimental prose and its often violent encounters with native inhabitants. Twain also made light of his fellow travelers and the natives of the countries and regions that he visited, as well as his own expectations and reactions.

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The Innocents Abroad ebook pdf, epub, mobi, prc

About the Author

Mark Twain (1835-1910) was born Samuel Longhorn Clemens in Florida, Missouri, and died in Redding, Connecticut. A satirist, novelist, and keen observer of the American scene, he is one of America’s greatest novelists.

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The Innocents Abroad
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