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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare ebook epub/pdf/prc/mobi/azw3 download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: William Shakespeare

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – William Shakespeare

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear, Hamlet, and Macbeth—the works of William Shakespeare still resonate in our imaginations four centuries after they were written. The timeless characters and themes of the Bard’s plays fascinate us with their joys, struggles, and triumphs, and now they are available in a special volume for Shakespeare fans everywhere.

This Canterbury Classics edition of William Shakespeare’s works includes all of his poems and plays in an elegant, keepsake edition. Whether for a Shakespeare devotee or someone just discovering him, this is the perfect place to experience the drama of Shakespeare’s words. A scholarly introduction provides additional context and insight into the poems and plays.

Editorial Reviews

William is not called the Bard for nothing. I was taught that the test of art is longevity, and to qualify as great art, any work had to survive for at least 400 years. Shakespeare is no longer required reading in American schools from what I have heard. That is a reflection on our school system, not Shakespeare. He is still the greatest playwright in English literature.

About the Author

William Shakespeare (1564–1616) is widely regarded as the greatest writer and playwright in the English language. In 1594 he founded the acting company the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, later the King’s Men. Writer, actor, and filmmaker Michael A. Cramer teaches communications in New York City, where he lives.

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
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