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Milk and Vine ebook epub/pdf/prc/mobi/azw3 download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Adam Gasiewski

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Milk and Vine – Adam Gasiewski

Milk and Vine – Inspirational Quotes From Classic Vines.

Parodying the popular poetry book Milk and Honey, Milk and Vine beautifully portrays the best vines of all time in this modern poetic format. Milk and Vine is truly a delight for the sensations, bringing back the riveting quotes we all laughed at together as a united internet community.

From Ms. Kiesha to diesel jeans, this book encapsulates the most entertaining, nostalgic vines that are sure to have you laughing again. Keep the fire of authentic comedy ablaze in your home, and purchase a copy of Milk and Vine today.

Editorial Reviews

To be honest I saw this book trending on Twitter and I got so excited. I love mine and he got me through a lot of hard times so I was happy to see that I can have it in my hands physically through this book. but it really bothers me how none of the original artists are listed for the creation of their vines. As a community and everybody was feeding off of each other, putting credit where was it due. The concept of the book is great but I hate that no one was given credit for their lines. And to say that it is for the culture is kind of disrespectful. I understand that you’re trying to keep vine alive as we all want but I don’t think this was executed correctly and it kind of leaves a bad taste in people‘s mouth. Page 74 definitely could’ve had a list of all their acts or where their new content can be found. I understand that everything I’m saying is completely optional, but I thought I would share. On another note, a lot of the vines are incorrectly quoted, meaning some of the copied vines are wrong. it still makes me laugh tho

About the Author

Adam Gasiewski is a bestselling writer, an entrepreneur, and a programmer from Philadelphia, PA. He has three apps on the App Store and is the founder of the wealth management firm Rotovest.

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Milk and Vine
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