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High Adventure download ebook epub, mobi, azw3, pdf. Author: Donald E. Westlake

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High Adventure –  Donald E. Westlake

You are in the jungles of Belize.

You pick your way carefully along the overgrown trail until you come to the clearing. There, above you, rest the ruins of a Mayan pyramid. Is that a stone whistle at your feet? An idol of a bat-god? Riches surround you and Kirby Galway will be more than happy to smuggle your finds up to the United States in a bale of marijuana. Aren’t you glad you met Kirby?

If you are Innocent St. Michael, wily Belizan bureaucrat, you’re not. After all, you sold Kirby the worthless land and know that there are no treasures—not to mention pyramids— on it. If you are Lemuel the curator, you’re not. After all, these artifacts should be protected— by you and in your own way. If you are St. Michael’s assistant Vernon, you’re not. After all, you are involved in a plot to overthrow the government and all the visitors Kirby is bringing in are making your job more difficult.

Perhaps you are one of the two homosexual antique dealers with a secret to keep hidden, or maybe you are Valerie—loved, kidnaped, ordered to be executed and otherwise getting in the way. If you are, meeting Kirby didn’t do anything for your disposition, either.

Now it is your turn to meet Kirby Galway and begin the most hilarious adventure of your life.

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High Adventure
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