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Bent (The Broken Series Book 1) download ebook epub, mobi, azw3, pdf. Author: Christina Cruz

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Bent (The Broken Series Book 1) – Christina Cruz

Aiden finally declares his love for Jessa. But their love is short lived when Aiden dies in a tragic accident. Jessa must learn to live without him. She has a hard time accepting his death until Jack Rylan enters into her life, but their relationship is haunted by a dead man. Their physical attraction keeps bringing them together, but is it enough to keep them together?

*******The content in this work is of a Mature Nature, and not intended for readers under the age of 18.******.

Prologue: Bent (The Broken Series Book 1)

I don’t know when it happened, or how it ever came to be, but somehow it did…you stole my heart and I will never be the same.

Aiden was a big part of my life.  We grew up together, literally from diapers and we decided that we were best friends until the end.  Sharing secrets, laughing at the stupidest jokes, catching frogs in the creek next to our houses, talking through his girl problems and him acting all macho whenever a guy dared tried to break my heart.  Inseparable.

On a warm summer night before our sophomore year of college, Aiden asked me to dinner and a movie to catch up since we had seen very little of each other during our freshman year.  I ended up going to Indiana University and he went the more studious route at Purdue University.  It was the first time we had been apart since we were in diapers and I missed him more than I cared to admit.

We ate at a local burger joint, and headed to watch the latest Marvel comic movie after.  In the darkness of the theater, Aiden reached for my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine.  Before placing it on his lap for the duration of the movie he kissed the back and murmured, “I missed you, Jess.”  I smiled as butterflies fluttered in the pit of my stomach.

I didn’t know if he had a momentary lapse and the old Aiden would be back to tease me mercilessly, but the old Aiden showed.  Instead he spent much the movie rubbing his thumb along the side of my intertwined hand.  I didn’t know what to think.  At some point I was no longer watching the action on the screen.  My head whirled with thoughts that were so confusing.

If I were honest with myself, there was always a part of me that wished he saw me as more than a friend, but he never indicated that he wanted more from me.  Part of me lit with excitement, yet another part of me was scared shitless.  What if this changed everything?  Was I willing to lose my best friend because we missed each other and made it out to be something more than it was?

I remained silent about the new intimacy, and we walked hand in hand to his Jeep parked at the far end of the parking lot.  As I buckled myself in, I wondered what was next.  Aiden moved to the driver’s door after letting me into the passenger’s side of the car.  Pausing before turning the ignition over, he turned and looked in my direction.
“Jess…”  I could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down and it seemed like he was searching for the right words.
Don’t complicate things, I silently pleaded.  His hand came up and softly touched the side of my left cheek with the back of his fingers. Tiny shivers raced down my spine, pulsating the core of my womanhood.  My eyes closed as I breathed him in.  As he took away his hand from my face, a part of me splintered inside.  I felt empty without his touch on me, and I could not explain my reaction to his simple touch.

The Jeep’s engine roared to life.  Without another word or gesture we drove to the secluded banks of a nearby lake. We sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity.  I took a deep breath before looking at him.  His eyes were already trained on me, they glistened with moisture.  It confused me.  What was this about?  I didn’t understand what was going on.

He gently cupped my face before slowly moving in to tenderly touch my lips with his.  I didn’t say a word, as I sat mesmerized by his actions.  The kiss was gentle at first and then it deepened.  Igniting a spark which soon flamed to an inferno.  I soon found myself straddled across his lap, his seat leaned all the way back until his upper half was almost laying down.  With nimble fingers he unbuttoned the top of my jean shorts.  I heard the metal zipper ease down as his expert touch opened me more to his advances.  My hands tentatively moved to grab his shirt in order to slide it over his head.  We momentarily broke our kiss as our shirts were removed.

I sat straddled in my bra and underwear, gulping air hoping to settle my shaken senses.  I watched, in fascination, as his hands gently cupped by breast.  Aiden rubbed my nipple through the material of my bra.  They hardened in response to his touch.  I drank in the sensuality of his touch.  He deftly unhooked the front clasp and my breasts spilled out.  I could see the hunger burn in his eyes as he looked on them in worship before kneading them with his fingers.

I wanted this, more than I cared to admit.  His hands slid to lace of my thong, and slid it to the side as he rubbed my nub.  Lightning shot through me.  I bucked backwards, arching my hips towards him.  His fingers slid back and forth against my slit, before plunging two into my heated core.  Juices gushed around him.

We were beyond stopping, as I felt his cock grow touching against my lips.  I needed to feel him inside of me, but I was still hesitant.  I knew there would be no turning back.  This one act of pleasure could end whatever friendship we had through the years, but I didn’t care.  I needed him.

Leaning forward he caught one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked hard.  Loosening his shaft from the confines of his briefs, I felt the heated flesh slide against my folds, and coated his thick cock with an insane amount of juice.  The feel of him was heady.

“Open your eyes, Jess.  Please,” he pleaded.  I looked into the depths of his blue eyes and knew I was lost.  “I want to be in you so bad, it hurts.”  His eyes begged me to acquiesce and give him the permission he sought.
I couldn’t speak.  Instead, I nodded my ascent.  A scream tore through me as he plunged one deep thrust into me.  This was right, it felt like it should have always been there.  He tried to slow his pace, but found it difficult and pounded into me as if his life depended on each thrust.  I want this. I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be the same without him again.

I felt his need escalate and climax until he exploded inside me as I came around him too.  We were shattered and I knew this was what we both wanted.  Pushing myself up slightly so I could look into his eyes.  I search their depths for regret, but I saw none.   I leaned down, and kissed his lips.

With him still inside me I felt him grow hard again.  He rocked his hips and took me much slower.  The first time had been explosive, but the second time was epic.  That night he stole my heart, as reluctant as I was to give it to him he took it anyway.

Sated after the third time, I was sore from the lovemaking.  We both slowly got dressed because we knew we couldn’t stay there forever.  It was already two in the morning and we needed to get home before our families began to send out a search party.  It didn’t stop us from kissing each other between putting items of clothing.
I sat satisfied in my seat, my pussy drenched in his cum as it slowly dripped out of me.  He grabbed my hand in his, kissing it as he cradled it in his lap.

We were headed to my house to drop me off.  The two lane road that led to our homes was deserted besides the oncoming lights of another vehicle headed in the opposite direction.  The other vehicle approached as we came closer to our turn.  Aiden glanced in my direction.  I took in a deep intake of breath, startled.  He looked back to the road as he acknowledged my horror.  Just before impact, he turned to me and whispered, “I will always love you Jess.”

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Bent (The Broken Series Book 1)
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