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Shadows of Self ebook EPUB/PDF/PRC/MOBI/AZW3 free download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Brandon Sanderson

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Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

Shadows of Self ebook EPUB/PDF/PRC/MOBI/AZW3 by Brandon Sanderson

Shadows of Self ebook EPUB/PDF/PRC/MOBI/AZW3 by Brandon Sanderson

Shadows of Self – The #1 New York Times bestselling author returns to the world of Mistborn with his first novel in the series since The Alloy of Law.

With The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson surprised readers with a New York Times bestselling spinoff of his Mistborn books, set after the action of the trilogy, in a period corresponding to late 19th-century America.

The trilogy’s heroes are now figures of myth and legend, even objects of religious veneration. They are succeeded by wonderful new characters, chief among them Waxillium Ladrian, known as Wax, hereditary Lord of House Ladrian but also, until recently, a lawman in the ungoverned frontier region known as the Roughs. There he worked with his eccentric but effective buddy, Wayne. They are “twinborn,” meaning they are able to use both Allomantic and Feruchemical magic.

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict. Wax and Wayne, assisted by the lovely, brilliant Marasi, must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial’s progress in its tracks.

Shadows of Self will give fans of The Alloy of Law everything they’ve been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more.

Editorial Reviews

Shadows of Self will reward your attention – with fire, blood, excitement, and adventure. Pick it up, and start reading! SF&F Reviews a wonderful new addition to the series which I deeply love and it completely fulfilled my rather high expectations. It is a literary equivalent of a big-budget action flick that’s impossible not to finish in a single sitting. Riveting stuff. Upcoming4Me An exciting new start to the second Mistborn era, Shadows of Self is a fantasy delight full of delicious adventure, friends of old, and a mystery to lose yourself in. Heather’s Reviews .

By itself Shadows of Self offers a great point to pick up the series, but in all I think a lot of the references to other books will be missed so pick up at least Alloy of Law before reading this one…Awesome stuff. Never a boring moment. The Book Plank Shadows of Self is another success for Brandon Sanderson, who continues to not only remain a reliable writer of the fantastic, but continuously surprises his readers with new styles, new voices, and new mysteries, building sturdily upon the foundations he laid in The Alloy of Law and the Mistborn series… Shadows of Self is a thoroughly satisfying read for Sanderson fans old and new. Tor.com Whether you’re a fan of the original Mistborn trilogy or simply Sanderson’s world-building and writing style, this book is definitely worth your time. Geek Dad

Review By Helen Savore

I enjoyed Alloy of Law, but I never felt it was as epic as the original trilogy. It’s tremendously fun, and the Vanishers needed to be vanquished, but it didn’t feel like it had the same scale and consequences.

Shadows of Self changes that. I am now ready to follow Wax on the journey I don’t think any of us saw coming. Socioeconomic trouble is brewing in Elendel, because apparently even a god designed paradise can’t last forever. Wax and Wayne at hot the trail, and Marasi is definitely in the mix, now serving as part of the constabulary.

At the heart, I feel this is a story about characters, they’re coping with fantastic situations, but I really care and question these folks. Wax I on the hunt, and will do anything it takes to end this conflict. Wayne continues to delight with his wit and unique perspective on the world. Marasi must navigate what is lawful versus what is right, because once a pattern is seen, it cannot be unseen. Despite the world shattering situations, this book feels very personal – because it is.

Every single soul has a chance to make a difference, for Preservation or Ruin.

Readers of previous Mistborn will delight as this book continues to tie into the history and mythos of the world, expanding without retreading the same themes. Sanderson continues to deliver extra, this story including some excerpts from the broadsheets giving more flavor to this new era Scadrial. Sanderson is a master storyteller, laying the ground work for the most poignant and dark reveals, while still making the read a fun ride you do not want to put down.

About the Author

Brandon Sanderson is the bestselling author of books including Warbreaker, Elantris, The Stormlight Archive series, starting with The Way of Kings, and The Mistborn series-Mistborn, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages and The Alloy of Law. He has also written Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, a book for middle-grade readers, and the young adult novel, The Rithmatist. He also completed the final books in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time® series-The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light-based on Jordan’s notes and material. Sanderson teaches writing at Brigham Young University. He lives in Utah.

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Shadows of Self
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