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Find Your Why – Simon Sinek

Find Your Why – A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team.

I believe fulfillment is a right and not a privilege. We are all entitled to wake up in the morning inspired to go to work, feel safe when we’re there and return home fulfilled at the end of the day. Achieving that fulfillment starts with understanding exactly WHY we do what we do.

As Start With Why has spread around the world, countless readers have asked me the same question: How can I apply Start With Why to my career, team, company or nonprofit? Along with two of my colleagues, Peter Docker and David Mead, I created this hands-on, step-by-step guide to help you find your WHY.

With detailed exercises, illustrations, and action steps for every stage of the process, Find Your Why can help you address many important concerns, including:

* What if my WHY sounds just like my competitor’s?
* Can I have more than one WHY?
* If my work doesn’t match my WHY, what should I do?
* What if my team can’t agree on our WHY?

Editorial Reviews

I read Start with Why and Find Your Why back to back over just a few days. Sinek’s famous Ted Talk (Presented in 2009, it has over 33 million views.) was so powerful to me that I had to see where he was with it now.

The man has a theme. He calls it the Golden Circle: Why—How—What. Why is the reason. How is the means. What is the result. They all have to be in balance, driven by the why, and when they are, you will achieve authenticity and success.

The theme hasn’t changed. In terms of the Start with Why concept itself, you’ll find little new here. Find Your Why is a how-to. Sinek and his team, Peter Docker and David Mead, and Docker and Mead in particular, provide a detailed guide to defining and sharing the why, how, and what within an actual organization, using the process they have refined through extensive use to help companies apply the original Sinek concept. (There is a refresher for those who haven’t read Start with Why or viewed the Ted talk.)

As the authors state, “That’s the reason this book exists. If Start with Why makes the case for the WHY, Find Your Why provides the steps to show people how to actually do it.” And it does a good job at achieving that goal.

To those who have been in the organizational world for a while, a lot of this will sound a lot like past initiatives to define mission, values, strategy, and tactics, or some combination of those concepts, however you define them. The Start With Why Team, as they refer to themselves, openly discusses that later in the book.

The language is different. And so are the priorities and the focus. Values, as most organizations define them, and as the Why Team points out, are really just ideals. They aren’t actionable. And they’re right.

It would be a disservice, therefore, to characterize the Why program as more of the same, either more of the 2009 TED talk or more of the overlapping programs many other consultants have promoted over the years. This is more than just another of the 32 flavors of Colgate toothpaste that Sinek refers to in Start with Why. And that’s because he always goes back to why. And that’s the magic.

So, if you are responsible for developing engagement, strategy, or similar programs for your company, I would consider this a must read. If that’s not what you need, there is still plenty of value to the book. Sinek and his team are clearly impassioned. The writing is very fluid. And when it comes to WHY, you can’t get too much of a good thing.

About the Author

SIMON SINEK is an optimist, teacher, writer, and worldwide public speaker. His first three books – Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, and Together is Better – have been national and international bestsellers. His first TED talk, based on Start With Why, is the third most-viewed TED video of all time. Learn more about his work and how you can inspire those around you at StartWithWhy.com.

PETER DOCKER is a former senior Royal Air Force pilot turned leadership consultant and executive coach.

DAVID MEAD has presented to over 80 organizations in a wide variety of industries and co-hosts the Start With Why podcast.

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Find Your Why
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